Charlie Sheen And Bill Murray Get Close In New Film

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Charlie Sheen and Bill Murray play close friends in the upcoming film "A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III", a movie by Roman Coppola about a man whose life starts to slowly come unraveled when his girlfriend dumps him. And while the part sounds rather close to Charlie's real life, the director insists Sheen was chosen for his acting abilities and not for his extreme media attention.

"Charlie is so perfect for the role, but he’s not perfect because of the public profile we’ve seen in the news," Coppola said. "He’s incredibly talented as an actor, he has tons of charisma, he’s very witty. He’s very funny and charming. You can use your charm sometimes as a problem solver — and my character, that’s what he’s been doing. He’s been sliding through on life, using his charm and wit and charisma to get past some problems. But the problems are still there, and that’s the story of the movie."

Because part of the film takes place inside Charlie's head, things get a bit strange and confusing. But Bill Murray, who plays Charlie's business manager and close friend, is there to level things out, along with Jason Schwartzman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Patricia Arquette. Murray, who is one of the most beloved actors of at least the past three decades, plays his role beautifully according to Coppola.

"He’s a father-figure to some degree, but he needs advice just as much as Charlie’s character. He’s been together with his wife of 20 years and she wants to break up with him, so now he has to deal with similar feelings of confusion and alienation," Coppola says.

The film is slated for premiere in February of next year.

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