Charlie Hunnam Talks 'Sons' Series Finale


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Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam sat down with Sons creator Kurt Sutter to discuss the ultimate fate of the lead character Jax, after the series finale was broadcast on December 9.

During a segment entitled After Anarchy, Hunnam relayed his thoughts on the demise of his character, whose last moments involved a suicidal head-on collision with a big-rig, while he was being chased by a multitude of police officers on his motorcycle.

Hunnam, 34, remarked, "The thing that I loved about the way you chose to end the show… for me, it felt like the greatest celebration of who Jax was. I got the sense that being away from the family and being away from the club, there was no real happiness for him. And I felt truly in my heart, as the man who was so close to this character in those final moments, that he had found true peace and happiness, and I walk away from this celebrating his life and feeling as though he did exactly what he set out to do."

Sons of Anarchy concerned the dealings of a gun-running motorcycle gang called SAMCRO, in the fictional California town of Charming. Hunnam's character eventually became the president of the club, as the series progressed over seven seasons.

Sons stars Katey Sagal, Theo Rossi and Kim Coates attempt to explain the show in 30 seconds:

Hunnam, who made headlines after backing out of the lead role in the upcoming soft-core bondage drama Fifty Shades of Grey added, “He’s (Jax Teller) got himself into a bind. He’s in a corner and decided that the only way to extract himself from this situation and keep everyone in tact was to remove himself completely. And like we discussed, I think there was a great sense of peace and liberation that came with that decision.”

Hunnam will next appear in director Guillermo del Toro's gothic romance Crimson Peak in 2015.