Chainsaw in Neck: X-Ray Shows Blade Lodged Inside Tree Trimmer [PHOTO]


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A very graphic x-ray reveals what it looks like when a chainsaw is lodged inside of a person’s neck.

The high-definition x-ray image belongs to 21-year-old James Valentine, a tree trimmer who almost lost his life Monday.

Valentine-a worker for Adler Tree Service in Gibsonia, Pa.-was in a harness trimming a tree when his chainsaw kicked back and pierced his neck.

The tree trimmer told Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette “it was the worst pain you could ever imagine.”

His immediate reaction was to turn off the blade that was chewing through his neck.

Onsite police officers, paramedics, and three coworkers raced to his side.

Valentine kept his hand tightly grasped to the chainsaw in an effort to hold the blade in position.

One coworker climbed the tree to help as Valentine was gently lowered to the ground. Another cautiously unbolted the blade from the chainsaw.

As paramedics worked to keep Valentine from bleeding profusely, he was soon transported to Allegheny General Hospital and admitted into emergency surgery.

The blade was visibly embedded through the left side of Valentine's neck right above the collarbone. 

Doctors were astonished that the blade did not damage the carotid artery, a very significant artery located from the neck to the head that can cause severe bleeding if injured. It missed by less than half an inch.

"He is extraordinarily lucky and very blessed," said Dr. Christine Toevs, a medical direct and trauma surgeon at the hospital.

Emergency medical personnel praised those who were on the scene that helped to lessen the trauma.

Toevs said that unlike others, this particular procedure was remarkably simple-only requiring 30 stitches.

Most chainsaw incidents to the head or neck typically end deadly. However, she expects Valentine to fully recover.

Valentine, who believes that freak accidents similar to his are unavoidable, plans to return back to tree trimming within the next few weeks.

He is scheduled for discharge before the end of the week.

Image via YouTube