Chad Johnson Tries To Match Robert Gill [Video]


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Now that Robert Gill's treadmill video has gone viral, it has apparently inspired other would-be NFL players to show they, too, can run fast on a stationary object. One such person who really wants another go at the NFL circus is Chad Johnson, who, of course, was recently released from a Miami jail. Ever the attention-seeker, Johnson was quick to jump on the "football players running fast on a treadmill" trend, and has released a video of his own (top).

Naturally, Johnson let everyone know about his feat via his Twitter account:

While Gill's video has over one million views, Johnson's has yet to completely catch on. That, however, will probably change once ESPN gets their hands on it. Johnson's video has caught the attention of the print/web media, and is currently making the rounds. The question is, will the show of athletic ability be enough to convince a team to take a chance on the wide receiver? Granted, it worked for Gill, but he doesn't have the same baggage, or notoriety that Johnson does.

That being said, all it takes is one team to experience a glut of skill-player injuries during training camp to give Johnson a call. Furthermore, Johnson is not going to stop with one video and MPH setting. He has his sights set on faster speeds:

Does anyone see this working for the once (and future?) wide receiver?