Chad Johnson Doesn't Want Divorce, May Not Have A Choice

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Chad Johnson doesn't want a divorce, despite the fact that his wife has filed the papers and is waiting for him to sign.

The highly publicized split between Johnson and Evelyn Lozada came at a bad time for Johnson; he had just been cut from the Miami Dolphins and was being accused of domestic violence. And while the couple have given conflicting stories as to what happened, Lozada says she has no intention of going back to her husband and just wants to be done with the divorce.

Since the violent incident, Johnson has gotten a tattoo of Lozada's face on his leg and seems to be trying to repair the relationship with public apologies, but she isn't taking the bait.

“I'm sure some opinions on me might have changed because of the things that have happened," he said. “All I can say is, I’m sorry. I’m human."

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If Lozada wants the divorce bad enough, however, she can obtain it herself by Florida law without Johnson's signature.

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