Catherine-Zeta Jones: Now Appreciated By Douglas

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Catherine Zeta-Jones has lots of kissing up to look forward to now that she is back full throttle in her marriage to Michael Douglas. Zeta-Jones, 44, and Douglas, 69, temporarily split last year after months of rumored marriage turbulence.

The couple, who have children Dylan, 13, and Carys, 11, from their almost 14-year marriage, have overcome many battles in their lives. Catherine Zeta-Jones admitted recently that she struggles with bipolar disorder. This admission came with lots of media speculation, some bouts with depression, and a very public stint in rehab.

Michael Douglas has battled cancer among other health issues. Together the couple has a lot to overcome, but at least they have each other. Douglas has said that he now appreciates Catherine and that he knows he has taken her for granted.

"When you are younger you care what other people think. And you take the person closest to you for granted. You waste a lot of energy on strangers to make a good impression. When you're older you focus that energy on the people closest to you, on your family. And you're courteous."

The aging actor even admitted that even in his deteriorating physique, he is to please his wife. I guess avoiding total annihilation of your marriage makes a couple more amorous.

When he was asked if he was in the prime of his life now, he said, "Sexually? I am more comfortable in my own skin now."

Here's hoping that couple can find strength in each other to face all that life can, and will, throw at them. Hopefully they can preserve that rare thing known as the long-lasting Hollywood marriage.

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