Catherine Bell: James Denton On Why Sam And Cassie Haven’t Kissed

Catherine Bell knows that the fans of her show, Good Witch, were waiting for Sam, played by James Denton, and Cassie, played by Catherine Bell, to finally kiss.

She knows it, but Catherine Bell also knows what makes good TV.

No one wants to see the headlining relationship spark too quickly. I mean, what if Ross and Rachel got together during the first season of Friends?

There wouldn’t have been much of a Friends afterward, that’s for sure.

Catherine Bell’s co-star, James Denton expanded on the theory, saying, “You want to keep them apart for as long as you can, as long as it’s interesting. It won’t be immediate, and maybe they’ll both realize that, OK, they’re implications to this with the kids [and that] they live next door to each other. They’ll have to deal with that part of it, I would imagine, before they ever got together.”

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Yeah, that’s the stuff great stories are made of. Conflict, spark, obstacles, it’s all there.

“But there will be a lot of fun, real human drama to deal with the way relationships are so complicated like that. But at least we can start up where they both acknowledge, at least to each other, that something is there. And they can’t keep on pretending there isn’t.”

Hopefully, they won’t be pretending much longer.

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Surely next season, Catherine Bell’s character will finally get the relationship she really wants.

Aww, this is such a sweet storyline.

Did you watch the first season of Good Witch with Catherine Bell and James Denton? What did you think?

Worth a second watch and another season, or not?

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