Cate Blanchett Is Already Being Looked At For Oscars


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Cate Blanchett is being eyed for the prized Oscar statue already for her role in Blue Jasmine. She shined in the role of Jasmine Francis in the film, from veteran director Woody Allen. Critics all over the country loved her in the role and she played a character that was very typical of Allen's films, a socialite from New York City who is very into herself.

Finding it hard to adjust after the death of her husband and the fortune that he took with him after their divorce, Jasmine turns to her sister Ginger, played by Sally Hawkins, who she neglected years ago. She moves across the country to live with her in San Francisco, but continues to struggle with finding success in her life. Jasmine becomes depressed and addicted to pills early on in the film, trying to maintain her appearance of wealth, but the truth is slowly revealed, as stated by BBC News. Blanchett is all but guaranteed a Best Actress nomination, and is likely to win the award as well. She has been nominated for Best Actress three times previously, but has never won the award before.

According to a review published in The Guardian, Blue Jasmine is a late triumph, if not a late masterpiece and Blanchett gives an electrical charge to this minor-key drama. Blanchett's performance was impressive and as a very experienced actress, she is able to hold her own with anyone in a film and does an excellent job in Allen's new picture. The critic, Peter Bradshaw, also called the film pure movie-going pleasure.

Julie Delpy may have some competition for Blanchett so far for her role in Before Midnight, but other than that, she has yet to be given to big of a challenge. Although Blanchett has never won an award for Best Actress in a leading role, she did win a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator. Fans can expect to hear Blanchett's name being called a number of times during the upcoming awards season, and she certainly deserves it for her the excellent job that she did under the direction of Woody Allen. In order to keep up with her potential award possibilities and to follow other award news, check out Awards Daily for everything involving the movies and those that are predicted to get nominations.

Blanchett will also be appearing in The Monuments Men, which will be released on December 18.

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