Catching Fire's Jena Malone Talks Nude Scene


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Jena Malone, the 29 year old actress who brought Catching Fire's feisty Johanna Mason to life, revealed recently that while she was "so excited" to portray the novel's famous strip tease, she was also a little disappointed she wasn't able to be fully nude in the iconic scene.

In an interview during MTV's "Catching Fire: Fan Tribute" special, Malone says, "We're very faithful to the adaptation, so in the elevator I did have to pretty much almost take everything off...unfortunately, there was a part of the wardrobe that I couldn't." Malone doesn't reveal which part she couldn't remove, but she does add that the strip down was "less about being nude" and more about "wanting to see" if she could actually perform a full strip in only six seconds. (In the MTV interview, Malone also blames her "really long zipper" for holding her up.)

The news of her disappointing partial strip shouldn't come as much surprise to fans; Malone is no stranger to baring skin for an audience. Earlier this month at the November 18th Catching Fire LA premiere, Jena donned a transparent gown with only small sparkly bits to cover up a few essential parts.

Catching Fire, the second movie in The Hunger Games trilogy, has already grossed over $160 million in the box office and has a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Image via Perez Hilton