Cat Perches On Cop And Then Goes Viral

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Yes, the internet loves cats. Cat memes, viral cat videos, and even viral cat photographs.

And why not? Cats are prone to adorably hilarious behaviors that people can’t resist sharing.

Case in point, officers in Portland, Ore. responded to a call about an alleged burglary. A woman came home from work on Monday afternoon and found that the place had been ransacked.

Soon after, police arrived on scene and entered the home to begin searching for a possible suspect.

According to Officer Sarah Kewin, there was broken glass on the floor in the homeowner's basement and a bathroom.

While officers were searching the cat’s southeast Portland home, Kewlin noted the feline on the floor near the broken glass.

The officer then decided to pick up the orange tabby cat in order keep the animal out of harm’s way.

In typical cat fashion, the feline decided to spend the rest of the investigation happily perched on Kewlin’s shoulders.

There was no burglar found at the scene, but the officers did leave with cute photos of the cat alert and standing atop the laughing police officer.

The images were posted online and soon after went viral.

Despite the positive response to the photos, it’s too soon to tell whether or not the perching feline will reach the same level of internet fame as previous internet-famous cats.

Last year, one of the biggest names on the internet was “Grumpy Cat”, a kitty that went viral thanks to a combination of YouTube videos and memes surrounding its so-called sour appearance.

There’s also “Keyboard Cat”, an internet sensation featuring a cute tabby. The cat was controlled by a human off screen in such a way that he appeared to be playing a keyboard. The clip was often used to “play off” persons who found themselves in embarrassing (and funny) situations.

While the cat itself might not become famous, who knows? It could start a "perching cat" meme.

Anything is possible when it comes to cats and the internet.

Image via WPTV, Twitter

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