Cat and Mouse Make Amends: Hug it Out

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In a final resolution to the age old struggle between cats and mice. A mouse has recently cuddled up to a sleeping cat in an attempt to make amends for his existence. The cat, perhaps worn-out physically and emotionally from years on the mouse-war front, wraps his arm around the submissive critter, saying "there, there... I'm sorry for ever chasing you. And I love you very much."

The video is from petsami, who has lots of funny pet related clips on their YouTube channel. The "mouse" in this video is actually a baby rat, but you get the idea. It's ludicrously cute. It's so cute you may have to punch a baby to restore order to the universe.

Other videos from petsami, include this one of a cat enjoying a neck massage.

OR this one of a pug walking on a treadmill with his hind legs.

You can decide for yourself if this is real or not...

[h/t: BuzzFeed]

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