Casey Kasem on Death Bed, According to Wife

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Casey Kasem, world-famous Top 40 host, and center of recent controversy, is very near death and has only months to live, according to TMZ. Kasem's wife, Jean filed court documents that stated, "My husband is terminally ill and unable to leave home." This was in the on-going legal case brought against the Kasems by former caretaker, HIlda Loza, who was suing them for claims that she was mistreated and cheated by Jean during her employment with the couple.

Jean did not appear at the hearing. The wife of her lawyer appeared on Jean's behalf. The woman told the judge that Jean wanted a continuance for a few months because that's how long it will take for "the situation to resolve or end, unfortunately", alluding to Casey's impending death.

This is not the first time Jean Kasem has made headlines for her dealings with her husband, who suffers from advanced Parkinson's disease. At the beginning of October, Kasem's three older children were accusing Jean of prohibitting them from seeing their 81-year-old, ailing father. They protested outside the Kasem home, and had the cops called on them.

They claimed the protest had nothing to do with money. Kerri, his daughter, said she wants to send a message to her dad: “Your children are here for you. We have not abandoned you.”

A few days later, Casey's children filed a legal petition to gain control of his healthcare. The petition states that Kasem is suffering from advanced Parkinson’s disease, and is being isolated from his friends, family members and children, by his wife. The filing for conservatorship was submitted by Julie, Kerri and Mike Kasem, and says that Jean refuses to reveal the name of Casey’s primary care physician.

What a disgraceful mess to mar the radio icon's last days. It remains to be seen if his stubborn wife will cooperate and let Casey's kids have a role in their father's life in these last few precious moments. I have a feeling she'll regret it if she doesn't...

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