Casey Anthony's Lawyer Hired By Michael Lohan

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Casey Anthony's now-famous lawyer, Jose Baez, has been hired by another (somewhat) famous face.

Michael Lohan, the train wreck father of Lindsay Lohan, has allegedly hired Baez to bring charges against the Palm Beach County Detention Center.

He is accusing the facility of ignoring vaginal bleeding happening to his pregnant girlfriend, Kate Major.

On August 4th, the bleeding was reported to have gone on for five days. Casey Anthony's former lawyer is hoping to issue a court order for the jail to properly treat Kate Major's bleeding.

“This is a real mess,” Lohan said of the fiasco. “She is … pregnant and they know it … usually, this type of bleeding is indicative of a miscarriage.”

He said authorities "put a pregnant woman with people who have staph infections,” and that “the stuff that goes on in that place is just inhumane."

He continued, “What do they think is going to happen?”

Michael Lohan has also said that Kate Major's living conditions are barbaric.

“She hasn’t showered in four days. The vent in her cell has mold, and every time the air turns on the mold pieces fall into her cell. She has bruises on her back because she is sleeping on a plastic bed with a thin mattress.”

Jose Baez, who defended Casey Anthony in the murder trial of her daughter Caylee, was brought on board to hopefully work a little of that nearly impossible Casey Anthony magic. Can he improve conditions for Kate Major, who is serving an eight-month sentence for violating probation on a DUI sentence and is also carrying Michael Lohan's baby?

We shall see. He was able to free Casey Anthony when almost the entire country was convinced of her guilt, so perhaps he could make it happen.

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