Casey Anthony Civil Trial


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Attorneys for Casey Anthony will be back in a courtroom today where a judge will ascertain whether the Zenaida Gonzalez civil defamation suit has the legal standing to proceed. Gonzales is trying to make a case that her reputation was ruined after Anthony claimed that she kidnapped Caylee in 2008.

Anthony's lawyers are going to ask Judge Lisa Munyon to throw the case out.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez's attorneys are aggressively seeking a judgment to recognize the damages their client supposedly received and claim that they have already submitted enough evidence to prove their case.

One piece of evidence in particular is a jailhouse video that shows Anthony claiming that police officials never showed a picture of Gonzalez. It has been substantiated that they did show Anthony a photo.

Anthony's lawyers are responding to this by saying that the photo they showed her did not look like Gonzalez. They are also claiming that Anthony never said that she kidnapped Caylee.

According to WESH Channel 2 news Anthony's lawyers say that the case has no merit for the following reasons:

"Casey never identified Gonzales as the "Zanny Nanny" -- when deputies showed her a pic of Gonzales she said, "It's not her."

"The names don't match up. The plaintiff's name is Zeniada Gonzales and the name of Anthony's fictional nanny was Zeniada Fernandez-Gonzales."

"The plaintiff voluntarily injected herself into the public eye by doing TV interviews using the name Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez."

"After Zenaida showed her face on TV that is when she started to get impolite and unwanted comments from strangers -- the sole remaining damage in the case."

"And finally, that Anthony didn't ruin the plaintiff's reputation and highlights that Gonzalez had several different brushes with the law including a DCF investigation where it is alleged that she had sex with an underage boy."


Anthony's attorneys claim that the lawsuit "has been a fictional play set in the theater of the absurd" and needs to go away.