Carrie Underwood Wants A Baby Name That Goes Well With "Fisher"

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Country superstar Carrie Underwood recently talked to PEOPLE about her pregnancy. “Just knowing that the whole process itself is really beautiful… Even when I feel pretty large, it really is such a miracle and such a beautiful thing,” the singer said. Carrie Underwood, 31 years old, is expecting her first child with Mike Fisher. The star also admitted that she can’t wait to get back in shape right after she gives birth to the baby boy.

“I’m looking forward to reclaiming my body,” Carrie Underwood said. “I’ve been saying it’s been on loan for the past many months … I’m excited to take it back.” And while she’s looking forward to getting her pre-baby weight back, it’s pretty clear that Carrie Underwood is enjoying her pregnancy so far. However, with just two months left until she gives birth, she admitted that she and her husband haven’t settled on a name yet.

"We don't have a baby name. We need to lock that down here pretty soon," Carrie Underwood told PEOPLE. “We joke a lot about funny things that go with Fisher, but there's not some family name that I have had to be like, ‘No! That's terrible!’”

Carrie Underwood announced her pregnancy late last year. In an interview with TODAY after her announcement, the singer expressed her disbelief. “It’s still kind of weird, to be honest,” Underwood said. “Sometimes I’ll be with my husband and I’m like, ‘I’m going to be a mom. You’re going to be a dad. Like, is this real life?’ But we’re really excited.”

In the same interview, Underwood revealed that her mom is her role model as far as parenting is concerned. She said, “I have a wonderful mother, so if I can be even a little bit like that, I think we’ll be good.”

The singer announced her pregnancy via Twitter. She posted a photo of herself with her two dogs, who were wearing “I’m going to be a Big Brother/Sister” T-shirt.

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