Carrie Underwood Receives Motorcycle From Miranda Lambert

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Carrie Underwood is used to receiving extravagant gifts, but her most recent present from pal Miranda Lambert may just take the cake.

Carrie and Miranda have been friends for a while and the girls recently sang a duet of "Something Bad" at the Billboard Music Awards and put on an amazing performance.

The two friends loved performing on stage together and even wore matching shirts.

They shared photos of themselves backstage before their performance on Instagram.

Miranda must have been happy with the performance and decided to treat her best friend to a motorcycle.

Carrie was extremely excited about the gift and tweeted a photo of herself on the bike shortly after she received it.

Hopefully Carrie can squeeze those motorcycle lessons into her busy schedule.

Many people are wondering why Miranda would buy Carrie a motorcycle of all things, but neither of the girls have given a reason. Perhaps it's an inside joke or maybe Carrie has always wanted a motorcycle and Miranda was fulfilling a wish.

Since both girls are pretty ornery, it's likely that only they know the true reason behind the gift.

Enjoying her new motorcycle wasn't the only thing Carrie Underwood did during the Memorial Day weekend. She spent the weekend with family and friends and even designed a homemade Slip'N Slide that apparently led to a minor injury.

Why do you think Miranda gave Carrie a motorcycle?

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