Carrie Underwood Has Scare Of Her Life When Infant Son Isaiah Is Accidentally Locked Inside a Car

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Carrie Underwood had quite the scare when her four-month-old son was accidentally locked inside a car over the weekend.

But, not to worry, the quick-thinking American Idol alum knew just what to do to save her little infant.

On Sunday, Carrie Underwood tweeted that her dogs accidentally locked themselves and her 4-month-old son, Isaiah, inside her car. The panicked mother did what any scared lioness would do for her cubs — she broke the window to get in, well sort of.

Carrie Underwood didn't actually break the window herself. Instead, she called on her brother-in-law to break the window. Thankfully, Underwood later tweeted that her son was safe and sound after the heroics of her bro-in-law.

Needless to say, her car is now in need of some repair, but the means nothing compared to the safety of little Isaiah.

Carrie and husband Mike Fisher welcomed baby Isaiah in February.

Ironically, it was the Little Toy Guns singer's two dogs, Penny and Ace, who helped the couple announce their pregnancy in a cute Twitter pic way back back in September.

Glad to hear Carrie Underwood's baby is A-OK.

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