Carpool Facts: Who are these People? [Infographic]

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With the rising costs of gasoline and just about every other resource out there too, carpooling has to becoming a more attractive option for thousands of commuters, but who is actually doing it? There's a variety of people doing it, and even though it is a behavior associated with saving on costs, people from a wide-spectrum of budgets are doing it.

This next infographic comes to us from Carpooling.Com, they are the number one carpooling network in Europe and have over 3,571,051 registered users. Here's how they describe themselves:

"Created in Munich in 2001, quickly became Europe‘s largest carpooling network. Today the site transports 1 million people each month and connects people in 5000 cities and 45 countries. Available in 7 languages and localized in 9 countries (Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Austria, Spain, Poland, Switzerland and Greece), the site brings people who want to share a ride together."

There are many benefits to carpooling including saving on fuel costs, reducing harmful greenhouse gases, less wear and tear on your vehicle (if you have one), and possibly, some good company as well. Many riders, according to Carpool.Com, are also finding it safe, friendly, and convenient.

So lets get down to the resin we're here; who are these people who take advantage of the carpool? Typically they're well-educated, over 25 years-old, interested in travel, and for the most part, tech savvy, and an informed consumer. Sounds pretty generic in itself, but regardless, that's who these folks are. Oh yes, and a majority of them are single, if that matters.

Take a look:


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