Carnie Wilson 30 Pounds Lighter After Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Wilson Phillips singer Carnie Wilson has undergone a second gastric bypass surgery, she confirmed to People Magazine.

The weight-loss surgery was performed in January, and since then Wilson says she’s lost 30 pounds. The singer underwent the same procedure in 1999 and had great success--losing 150 pounds--and even showed off her newly svelte body in 2003 by posing nude in Playboy.

But her weight has continued to yo-yo since then, and Wilson says it’s been that way her entire life. She even filmed a reality show in 2010 called “Carnie Wilson: Unstapled” that followed her battle with weight loss. She says she really struggled to keep the weight off after she had two children.

Doctors warn that gastric bypass surgery doesn’t come without dangers, or a slew of side effects, such as nausea and discomfort ranging from mild to extremely painful. Dr. Larry Gellman, co-director of Bariatric Surgery at Long Island Jewish Medical Center and does not treat Wilson personally, says that often the reason a patient might undergo such a risky procedure twice is that the stomach has stretched out after the first surgery, rendering it ineffective.

But it shouldn’t be viewed as a quick fix, he says.

“Many patients lose a ton of weight but never learn to adjust their behavior and eating habits,” says Gellman. “If he or she doesn’t change their behaviors, then the chances for failure are high.”

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