Caribbean Vacations Take A Quantum Leap Into The Future

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Caribbean vacations are what some might call the perfect getaway. It's not all sunshine though as cruise ships aren't exactly a favorite among all travelers. Some might even be more skeptical after a number of high profile disasters on cruise ships over the past few years. Royal Caribbean wants to change all that.

Business Week reports that Royal Caribbean has created a cruise ship that's been designed for those who hate cruises. The ship, dubbed Quantum of the Seas, has been designed to feel more like an urban building instead of a tropical cruise. While it may seem like the ship is a betrayal of the cruise mentality, the newest ship is designed for younger people who want to feel more at home even while sailing through the Caribbean.

To accomplish this, Royal Caribbean is implementing a number of modern amenities, such as mobile baggage tracking and revamped dining reservations. Speaking of the latter, the ship will use tablets to keep track of food preferences so waiters will know how guests like their coffee or meat.

The cruise ship will also be introducing a number of new activities meant to appeal to younger guests, such as on-deck surfing and wind tunnel skydiving. Gone are the days of shuffleboard and boring water sports.

If all this sounds terrible, the traditional cruise experience will still be available. Royal Caribbean has only announced the above for its Quantum of the Seas ship. The company will also be building two more ships like it over the next two years, dubbed Anthem of the Seas and Ovation.

Here are some shots of the Quantum in action:

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