Carey Mulligan Says 'Suffragettes' May Help To Correct Imbalance Between Men And Women

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After giving birth to her first child three weeks ago, Carey Mulligan appeared in the star-studded premiere of Suffragette in London.

The film is about a campaign in support of women’s voting rights in the UK. It features stories that tackle issues on female empowerment and gender equality.

Mulligan plays the role of a laundress named Maud Watts who joins the suffragettes’ campaign after years of doing laundry for other people. Her story is the focal point of the drama, specifically her journey in joining the campaign.

“It doesn’t feel like a documentary about the past, it feels like a film about today. I always felt its resonance was about where we are now, and its achievement is to mark what these women did, and what they gave to us. Of course, we still live in a sexist society, but the film allows us to look at where we are today,” Mulligan said. Mulligan said that becoming a mother made the film “more poignant.” Being part of this project made her ponder not just on the current situation but the future as well. She said that she remains hopeful that the film will inspire the change that the world has yet to see, although she also admitted it would still take a while before women will be deemed equal to men.

"Hopefully this film will inspire everyone in the way they view the world. We are an unbalanced society – women and men – and films like this inspire conversations about how we can correct that imbalance," Mulligan also said.

According to Mulligan, what’s important is that the society has started working towards that goal.

"It's slow and steady. We are optimistic that things need to change and brilliant actresses like Jennifer Lawrence are making enormous amounts of money at the box office and Hollywood is starting to realize there might be something in it."

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