Cardinals' Plane Delayed at Airport Terminal


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Today has not been the best for the St. Louis Cardinals. Instead of traveling problem-free to Boston for Game 6 of the World Series, the players spent extra hours at an airport delaying their arrival into the Boston area. In fact, several hours were spent aboard the plane while the team members were forced to wait for mechanical problems to be sorted.

While there is no specific word on what led to the mechanical problems, the St. Louis area experienced heavy rain on Tuesday.

Manager Mike Matheny explained that the players waited on the runway without specific word on when the plane would be able to depart. However, fans of the team should not feel disheartened that the delay interfered with practice time. Tuesday was expected to be an off day for practicing.

However, the delay was used as an excuse for some people on Twitter to poke fun at the team's predicament.

It appears that team members took the delay (and the teasing) in stride. Michael Wacha, who is reported to start Game 6 for St. Louis, said that his teammates were using the delay to relax and watch movies. You know, to get their heads in the game!

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