Car Sliced In Half During Accident In New York

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A teenage driver who only had a learner's permit crashed his car early Monday morning, sending it flying into the woods where it was cut in half.

17-year old Joseph Beer took a curve too quickly and sent the car veering into a stand of trees, killing his four passengers (according to initial reports, but contradicted by the video news clip below), who were thrown from the vehicle. Beer was taken to the hospital.

The accident left debris scattered all over Southern State Parkway, which was closed for more than five hours on Columbus Day. Witnesses say they heard a "loud boom" when the crash occurred, and that several accidents have taken place at the very same spot in the road over the years, but this was the worst one yet.

Eerily, even though the car was cut in half and mangled the radio was still playing.

According to the news report in the video below there possibly was one survivor who was walking around dazed following the crash. The deceased were all 18-years old, but their names have not yet been released.

Here is a video from a local news report about the crash:

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