Captain America: Evans Not Leaving As Rumored


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There are many speculating as to what will happen when the dust settles in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

A scene in movie trailers featuring the Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson) mourning a body under a blanket hints at a major character death.

However, scenes featuring the Winter Soldier holding the famous Captain America shield suggests that this is Chris Evan's last turn as the iconic hero.

After all, rumors have been circulating the internet that Evans is tired of playing the character and of acting altogether.

Is it true that Chris Evans is retiring and won't be back to play the Star-Spangled hero? Calm down, kids. The rumors are all false.

According to the man himself, he's not going anywhere.

When speaking with Good Morning America about the rumors, Evans said of himself, "By no means am I planning on retiring. It's kind of a silly statement."

He added, "I certainly am going to try to focus a bit more on directing at this point."

So there you have it!

Evans isn't so much retiring from acting; he's actually looking to get behind the camera.

The retirement rumors can be blamed on a recent interview with Variety. In the interview Evans admitted he'll probably not be doing much acting outside of what he's "contractually obligated to do".

"If I'm acting at all, it's going to be under Marvel contract," Evans told the magazine.

He hopes to "be directing" when not honoring existing acting obligations.

Fans of Evans are no doubt excited to see what his directorial projects will be. Marvel fans who are fond of him as Captain America will be relieved that the sequel, which hits theaters across the country this weekend, won't be the last they see of him in the role.

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