Can't Upload Avatars or Background Images on Twitter? They're Working On It

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If you try to upload a new avatar or background image to your Twitter profile, you may prove unsuccessful. Don't worry - you're not alone. Twitter has updated their Status page to inform users that there may be a problem with this function and that they're working on it:

"Currently, Users are not be able to upload or update avatar or background images. Our engineers are currently working on this issue," they say.

UPDATE: In fact, if you try to access the "design" tab on you Twitter settings, it may take you back to your Twitter stream and display this message:

Twitter is stressing out a bit right now, so this feature is temporarily disabled.

Not mentioned: Twitter's new header photo.

Earlier this month, Twitter made a drastic change to the way profiles look by added a giant header photo to the top of profiles. The avatar now rests inside the header photo. Now, when users are customizing the perfect profile, they have to worry about three elements: the profile pic (avatar), header photo, and background image (web only).

Some users pointed out that the new Twitter profile strongly resembled Facebook's Timeline photo, with the profile pic imposed on the top. That comparison drew the ire of some, while other seemed to embrace the all new look.

We'll update this article when Twitter announces that they've got everything up and running properly.

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