Candy Corn Oreos Hit Target To Mixed Reactions

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Oreo is a cookie known for changing things up and being all cool and non-conformist. They support gay rights, they love science, and sometimes they throw a curve ball and give us delicious fillings of birthday cake icing and candy corn.

Yes, candy corn. The cookie, which is a buttery golden color rather than the standard chocolate, is filled with orange and yellow cream for the Halloween season, and although initial reactions range from confused to "Groooooooss!", I for one am excited to give 'em a whirl.

Apparently the filling just has a hint of candy-corn flavor but tastes mostly like icing, which can't be a bad thing. They went up for grabs at Target locations everywhere yesterday for the low-low price of $3.59, but if they don't prove to be your thing, try candy corn mixed with salted peanuts. It's a staple in my house in the fall and tastes sort of like a sweeter Payday.

Amanda Crum
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