Candace Cameron Won't Wear Sexy Outfits, She Says


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If you caught Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) on Monday night, then you probably noticed how great Candace Cameron-Bure looked.

And maybe you also noticed that she wasn't dressed like the typical DWTS female contestant, because she was kind of covered up and didn't sport anything too revealing.

She merely wore a sparkly covered grey top with a blue-greyish skirt that nearly went to the floor, and that's exactly how the actress wants it, she said, and she has no desire to wear sexy outfits or be the sex-symbol of the show.

"The two most important things in my life are my faith and my family, and I know that is what is going to get me through this competition," she said. "I'm not gonna be your sexy girl. I'm a mom of three kids so I want to look good and feel beautiful, but I will probably stay on the more modest end of costuming."

The 37 year old actress and former star of Full House married ex-pro hockey player Valeri Bure in 1996, and since then, she talks about him and her children constantly, so it's clear she doesn't believe that her career is more important, nor does it seem that she's eager to reach the same level of fame that she had in the 90s--and some might say that's really refreshing.

As far as the whole sexy outfits thing, Cameron-Bure says it's all about setting a good example for her little ones and not trying to be sexually tempting in any way.

"I am a mom and I want to be a good role model for my children and my husband," she specified.

"But I think for each dance we'll wear what reflects the dance, but in the most classy way possible. "I'm just a woman; I'm not any different than all the moms out there. My priority is my family, my husband, and my kids, so this for me is truly just a joy."

Image via YouTube