Candace Cameron Bure Has Heard Enough About Starbucks' Red Cup, Offers Up Her Opinion

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Candace Cameron Bure has had it up to here--or maybe there--with all the controversy surrounding Starbucks' new red cups. The Fuller House star felt compelled to share her opinion of the red cup debacle with her followers on social media--and contrary to popular belief, she doesn't side with the internet evangelist who thinks Starbucks is using the red cups because they "hate Jesus."

"Starbucks War on Christmas? It's a red cup, folks. Until Starbucks puts a baby Jesus or nativity scene on the cup while saying Merry Christmas, then pulls it because they say it’s offensive, let’s talk. I don't remember Starbucks ever being a Christian company, do you? A Santa, a snowflake, some holly, a polar bear, some jingle bells or plain red cup don’t define Christmas for me as a Christian. My relationship with Jesus does. So, I will joyfully sip on my Starbucks coffee, in a plain red cup, and instead of complaining about the lack of decorations, I will lovingly share the good news of Jesus Christ with friends and co-workers or anyone who's willing to engage in conversation. Merry Christmas to all!" Candace Cameron Bure captioned a photo of Starbucks' new red cups.

She makes an excellent point. There are so many other things worth causing a stink about that the average person ignores on a daily basis. It seems absurd to get all riled up over red paper cups.

Candace Cameron Bure is the sister of evangelist Kirk Cameron. It would seem if anyone were to find fault with "Christmas bashing," that they'd be the ones to do so.

Too bad all the people concerned about these red Starbucks cups wouldn't spend the time they've spent griping performing an act of kindness instead.

What's your take on Candace Cameron Bure's opinion of the Starbucks red cup "crisis?"

The Fuller House star likely won some fans with her words of wisdom.

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