Candace Bergen On Losing Husband Louis Malle and Her Second Chance At Love

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Candace Bergen recently released her second memoir, A Fine Romance, and opened up about her unconventional first marriage to famed French director Louis Malle and finding love a second time after his death.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the Murphy Brown actress said it was her marriage to Malle that took a hit from her successful career.

"I think it is very hard to have it all and what paid the price was my marriage," said Candace Bergen. "Murphy Brown was not only a job with a salary, but it was a fixed job. So living in the city where my mother and my brother lived gave Chloe a sense of family and a sense of structure. The big problem was that my husband wanted us to move to France, and I wanted to move back to L.A. He missed his hometown, and I missed mine. That was very hard on him, certainly because he bore the brunt of the traveling."

Candace Bergen, 69, said it was hard to decide where the couple and their daughter, Chloe, should set up household.

"Of course, in Paris, she would have had her French family, which in my husband's case was vast," said Bergen. "On the other hand, she wouldn't have had the American sense of humor, and to me that matters."

Candace eventually lost her husband to cancer in 1995.

"We loved each other. We had a wonderful time together," Candace Bergen recalled of her marriage to Malle. "He was extremely brilliant. He knew everything about everything. He had this rampaging curiosity. He loved America. He loved American sports. It was thrilling to talk with him in bed at night about things."

After the loss of Louis Malle, Candace remarried and has enjoyed a second chance at love.

"He is the most attentive husband," said Candace Bergen of her husband of 15 years, New York real-estate developer Marshall Rose. "He's kind and intelligent. He used to carry a briefcase. I just though that was the most exotic thing I had ever seen. A guy carrying a box off to work. He just thinks that me and all of my friends are some place deeply crazy. He has given up trying to make sense out of us."

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