Cancelled TV Shows 2014: Who Got The Axe?


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It's that magical time of the television year again!

We're learning which shows will be back to entertain us with a new season and which shows failed to impress and are now gone forever.

It can be a bittersweet affair. After all, not all shows that are put on the chopping block are terrible. Sometimes shows are put up against insanely popular rivals on other networks.

Benefit of the doubt aside....some shows are just terrible.

So were the shows axed in 2014 the victims of impatience or were their own shortcomings? Let's take a closer look.


This show had J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cuarón's names attached to it. How could things have gone so wrong for such a promising show?

If I had to take a guess, it's because these executive producers wrote and directed the pilot. They provided a foot in the door. The rest of the writers didn't exactly walk through so much as fall flat on their faces.

Instead of impressing in the tradition of Heroes and The Pretender, this show devolved into a watered down Touch By An Angel knock-off with a storyline that dragged.


I am amazed that this show managed multiple seasons all things considered. I was certain it would go down after a few episodes. I think curiosity kept it afloat for a bit, but now that's gone and sow is The Carrie Diaries.

I know this show is based on books about Sex and the City characters, but it was a terrible idea to put it on the CW. This is a network geared at a much younger demographic that SATC's traditional demographic.

The original SATC fans expect sex and sensuality. CW's known for pointless teen dramas. They are trying to up the ante with shows like Reign and The Originals. However, put these CW shows next to your average HBO series and they look absolutely virginal by comparison. It was never going to work.


In my humble opinion, this one is entirely on FOX. Did you know that the entire first season of Almost Human was aired ENTIRELY out of order?

Yep. Some genius thought, "Nobody watching this show will care about a consistent storyline! Air them in a completely random order!"

This show, if allowed to build towards the end of the series in a natural order, could have been great. But it wasn't and now it's cancelled.

By the way, this is the second show with J.J. Abram's name on it that got the plug pulled this season. Yikes.

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