Amazon RxPass Offers Unlimited Prescription Deliveries for $5/mo

Amazon has rolled out its latest healthcare endeavor, offering Prime members unlimited prescription for $5 a month.

Germany Investigating PayPal’s Market Dominance

PayPal is in the crosshairs of German regulators over concerns that it used its market dominance to stifle competition.

Visualizing Earth’s Population of 8 Billion People

The world has crossed the 8 billion people milestone. How did we get here and how soon will we reach 9 billion? Read on for more.

Microsoft Loses Faith in VR, Eliminates Entire Development Teams

Microsoft appears to have lost all confidence in virtual and mixed reality (MR), eliminating entire teams behind its development efforts.

Engineer Learned He Was Laid Off When Google Ghosted Him

A Google engineer of more than 16 years only learned he had been laid off when his company account was deactivated.

Microsoft Officially Extends Its Partnership With OpenAI

Microsoft has announced “a multiyear, multibillion dollar investment” in OpenAI, extending its existing partnership with ChatGPT creator.

Samsung May Bring Its Free TV Plus to Third-Party TVs

Samsung may bring its popular TV Plus streaming app to third-party TVs, according to a new report.

Spotify Laying Off 6% of Its Workforce

Spotify has joined the ranks of tech companies laying off employees, saying it is laying off 6% of its employees.

OpenSnitch Application Firewall Coming to Debian

Popular application firewall Opensnitch is coming to Debian, one of the oldest and most popular Linux distributions (distros).

Microsoft Execs Enjoyed Private Sting Concert the Night Before Layoffs

Microsoft is (justifiably) taking flak for hosting a private Sting concert for top execs the night before announcing layoffs for thousands of employees.

Google Turns to Larry Page & Sergey Brin to Help With AI Strategy

Google has turned to its founders to help it devise an AI strategy as the company faces its biggest challenge yet to its search dominance.

Why Is Content Marketing So Powerful?

Content marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy that can provide many benefits for companies: In summary, content marketing is great because it helps to increase brand awareness, build trust, generate leads, and provides long-term results in a cost-effective and…

Why Edge Computing is the Most Reliable Option

Edge computing is more reliable because it allows data to be processed and stored closer to the source, reducing the need to transmit large amounts of data to a centralized location.

Capital One Eliminates 1,100 Tech Jobs

Capital One has eliminated 1,100 agile tech jobs, part of its “overall tech transformation.”

Twitter Officially Changes TOS to Ban Third-Party Clients

Twitter has finally broke its silence — sort of — on why third-party clients are not working, changing its TOS to ban them.

Alphabet CEO Announces ‘Difficult Decision’ to Lay Off 12,000

Google parent Alphabet has now firmly joined the ranks of companies laying off employees, with plans to cut 12,000 jobs.

T-Mobile Hit By Yet Another Data Breach, 37 Million Customers Impacted

T-Mobile has once again been hit by a massive data breach, this time impacting some 37 million customers’ data.

The Booming Market of Smart Devices

There has been a boom in the market of smart homes and smart devices, mainly led by Millennials and Gen Z. See more below.

Twitter API Changes Kill Twitterrific

The Iconfactory has announced it is discontinuing Twitterrific following a Twitter API change that killed the app.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Steps Down, Co-CEOs to Replace Him

Reed Hastings is stepping down as CEO of Netflix, vacating a position he has held since 1999, after co-founding the company in 1997.