Cancelled Shows: Is Your Favorite About To Be Cut?

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It's a sad fact that many of the shows we love most don't do as well as predicted and get cancelled before we've had a chance to really see what the characters are capable of. We lost "My So-Called Life", "Freaks And Geeks", "Arrested Development", and "Spaced" (BBC) way too soon, and without any warning I might add.

But TV By The Numbers has come up with a way to figure out which shows are about to get cut and which ones we can expect to see hang around a little longer. According to them, there's a whole lot of television that's about to be wiped from the face of the Earth; check out their predictions to see if any of your favorites are on there. There's not much you can do about it, but at least you'll have ample notice for grieving.

1. Betrayal

2. Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

3. The Neighbors

4. Trophy Wife

5. Enlisted

6. Rake

7. Dads

8. Almost Human

9. Hostages

10. Intelligence

11. The Mentalist

12. Dracula

13. The Carrie Diaries

14. Beauty and the Beast

15. Mind Games

Among those being saved from the chopping block? "Resurrection", "Scandal", "Modern Family", and "Once Upon A Time".

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