Cancelled Shows 2012: The Best Of "House M.D."

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People come to love their television shows because they fall in love with particular characters, and following the adventures and ordinary days of a beloved personality often becomes a weekly ritual. So when the latest list of shows on the chopping block was announced yesterday, it created quite a stir.

Among the greatest disappointments were "One Tree Hill", "House", and "Alcatraz". Some others we were sad to see go (but perhaps not as surprised) were "Napoleon Dynamite", "Pan Am" and "The Playboy Club". While the latter two shows weren't Emmy contenders, they were good fun that tried a little too hard to monopolize on the popularity of AMC's "Mad Men" and the glory of the freewheeling '60s.

Personally, I was a little surprised to see "House" go, as it's been pretty popular for several years now and has a huge loyal following of fans. As for the show's star, Hugh Laurie, look for him in the upcoming 2012 film "Mister Pip". His voice will also be lent to an animated version of "The Canterville Ghost". For now, here's a serving of some of the best moments of "House M.D."

Amanda Crum
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