Can SmartGlass Make Xbox One Games Better?


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In 2012, Microsoft introduced SmartGlass for Xbox 360 to the world. It was Microsoft's foray into the second screen gaming experience that Nintendo kicked off with the Wii U a year prior. Unlike Nintendo's console, however, Microsoft would let you use any tablet or phone to get additional information about a game or movie.

With the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft has promised us a much better SmartGlass experience. While the second screen experience would be beneficial in scenarios like Battlefield 4's commander mode, the benefits are less apparent in a game like Ryse: Son of Rome. The action game does have SmartGlass support, though, and Microsoft wants you to know how it improves the gameplay experience.

In a new video from Major Nelson, he walks us through the SmartGlass app for Ryse. As you would expect, the companion app lets you track your progress as well as that of your friends. In what you might not expect, the app also tracks your progress through a level in real time and lets you know where secret collectables are located. It's like a mini-strategy guide on your tablet.

Not every game is going to take full advantage of SmartGlass, but Microsoft-published games certainly will. Both Microsoft and Sony have already acknowledged that the second-screen experience is going to be a pretty big deal going forward. While Sony's PlayStation app can't do everything that SmartGlass does yet, you can bet that Sony will be working with developers to offer its own unique take on the second-screen experience in the coming months and years.

[Image: xbox/YouTube]