Camille Cosby Reportedly Working Hard to Salvage Bill's Career In Face of Accusations

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While Camille Cosby herself has not said much about the situation her husband finds himself in, there are others coming forward with "insider info" that they claim comes from Camille.

Camille Cosby spoke out when the rape allegations agains Bill Cosby first happened. But what she said was somewhat open to interpretation. At first, it seemed like a denial, framing Cosby as the victim of opportunist accusations. But upon further reading, it looks like she may have been trying to convince people that Bill Cosby simply is who he always was.

Insider sources now say that Camille Cosby is meeting with advisors and trying her best to salvage her husbands career and income, if not his legacy.

The two sources cited by the New York Post are a) a "family" source reportedly employed by the Cosby's and b) a "business" source described as a partner.

The family source speaks more about what they think Camille Cosby's thoughts are on the whole matter.

“Camille still doesn’t believe that Bill provided drugs and had sex with women without their consent,” the employee said. “She’s well aware of his cheating, but she doesn’t believe that her husband is a rapist.”

Camille. Cosby is “a proud, dignified but stubborn woman. You can say that she’s standing by her husband, but really, the more people stand against him, the more she perceives it as an affront to her and all that she’s done to make him a star.”

This source says Camille confided in him/her that, “You have to allow for space to let your partner do what he wants. I have done that and [Bill] has done that and there’s no jealously, no friction.”

The business partner source reportedly sees things from behind the scenes.

“I created him, I knew what I was getting and we’ll fix this,” the partner says Camille Cosby told associates at a meeting in their home.

“They are making him out to be such a bad guy, a monster,” Camille reportedly said.

Ironically, this business source says Camille was advised by someone else in attendance at this meeting to "close ranks," cutting off associates they may not be able to trust.

"That means family, Hollywood family, friends, Hollywood friends.”

When that very recommendation is leaked, the Cosby's do indeed have a problem.

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