'Call of Duty: Ghosts' Devastation DLC Previewed


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Activision and Infinity Ward today revealed the content coming in the next Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC. As with previous Ghosts map packs, the new "Devastation" DLC will contain four new multiplayer maps, another chapter for the "Extinction" co-op mode, and a new powerful weapon.

The four maps will be titled "Ruins," "Collision," "Behemoth," and "Unearthed." All of them are small or medium sized. Ruins will put players into a Mayan temple on top of a mountain, Collision takes place on a wrecked container ship lodged underneath a New York bridge, Behemoth features gameplay on a South American excavation platform, and Unearthed is a "reimagined" version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's "Dome" map set in an alien artifact dig site that contains a secret alien weapon.

The second episode of Ghosts' Extinction mode is titled "Mayday." Players will band together to investigate a "Chinese research vessel" left adrift on the Tasman Sea. Cryptids and plot twists will be waiting inside, including the new "Seeder" Cryptid type and a massive (100-foot tall) Cryptid known as the "Kraken."

The new weapon coming with Devastation is called the "Ripper." The gun is an SMG/Assault Rifle that can be switched between those modes on the fly.

All of these features are previewed in the new Devastation trailer released today: