Caitlyn Jenner's Plastic Surgeons Can Now Name Their Price

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Caitlyn Jenner's plastic surgeons will probably be ridiculously busy and at whatever rate they want to charge. They turned the body of a 65-year-old Olympic athlete into a Vanity Fair cover model.

March 15, 2015 was the day that Bruce Jenner walked into the offices of Dr. Gary J. Alter and Dr. Harrison H. Lee.

“The surgery took all day,” Dr. Lee told the New York Daily News. “We knew it would be a long procedure and everything was planned ahead of time, and we’re very fortunate that everything has gone very well."

Lee handled the facial work on Caitlyn Jenner while Alter handled the body alterations. Transgender facial feminization can include work on the eyebrows, nose, altering the face and lip injections. The body work can be extensive, including breast implants, liposuction and fat injections or implants in the buttocks.

Neither doctor would divulge the exact procedures Caitlyn Jenner employed to achieve her stunning transformation, but do say that their star client healed like an Olympic champ.

“She healed fabulously. She was a very quick healer,” Dr. Alter said. “She’s extremely happy with the results, and we are too. I thought she looked absolutely beautiful [on the cover of Vanity Fair].”

While the amazing work the men did will no doubt make them ridiculously sought-after, there is a risk in taking on a high profile like Caitlyn Jenner. If you get it right, you get the credit. If you foul it, like some stars have had done, you get the blame.

"I entered (the surgery) with some trepidation of course. I figured it was gonna be very challenging because of her celebrity status and the fact that she's going to finally expose herself for (who) she is, and it'll be one of the most judged faces on the planet,” Alter said.

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