Buying a Pack of Joints Could Cost $50 Bucks


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Most likely it will be pretty expensive to buy a pack of joints if and when they become available in the retail market. Since marijuana is for sale for recreational purposes in Colorado and Washington, it's only a matter of time before the retail giants get their hands on this extremely lucrative product.

But how much will a pack run you? After doing some extensive research, Fast Company's Thor Benson came up with around $50 per pack.

Benson didn't come by that number without some serious estimating. Comparing the cost of marijuana production with common industry margins, and then figuring the economies of scale comparable to companies like Marlboro, he came up his estimate of the cost.

However, judging by the Denver-based dispensary, Medicine Man, that are getting $120 for a pack of pre-rolled, one-gram joints, that figure could be higher.

A representative from Marlboro, Jeff Caldwell was even questioned, although Caldwell wouldn't speculate on the potential cost, he did say that his company had "no plans to sell marijuana-based products," but Benson isn't so sure. "Marlboro is in the business of making money," he writes, and considering estimates that marijuana sales could drive $20 billion in taxes alone, Marlboro could find the opportunity too good to pass up. Another option for Marlboro would be selling less pricey "spliffs" — 50 percent marijuana, 50 percent tobacco joints — which Benson estimates could cost just $20 per pack.

The marijuana company "California Finest" has packs for sale, but only for medical marijuana use, offered in four different strains and available to order on their website. The cost is $80 per pack for five joints, each one-gram, and hand rolled with buds only. The site-advertising slogan goes like this:

"California Finest is a premium grade marijuana cigarette brand. We are committed to providing only the finest marijuana strains unique to California. It is dedication to quality and integrity that drive us to reach for the highest standard in our products."

Leave it to California. It is only a matter of time before they can be purchased right alongside cigarettes at the local liquor store.

Image via California Finest