How SnackNation’s Predictive Analytic Engine Fuels Their Success

SnackNation may be focusing on snack delivery now but it’s really building a consumer insights and consumer products delivery platform that can plug in anything.

Slack Will Be Even More Useful in the Future

Slack Technologies CEO Stewart Butterfield was recently interviewed on “Bloomberg Studio 1.0” where he discussed the likelihood that Slack will continue to grow and dominate messaging and workplace efficiency.

NFIB Index Shows Small Business Optimism in the US is at Its Highest Level Ever

Small businesses are feeling very positive these days. According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), this optimism has reached record-breaking levels.

Is it Time to Refine Your Value Proposition?

While a value proposition sounds pretty straightforward, creating one can take some figuring out. This is because it has to be concise, unique, and compelling to be effective.

Focus on One Thing and One Thing Only… The Customer

It’s amazing, they talk a lot about CRM and fancy technologies. You know what my CRM system was, it was a window!

Successful CEOs Understand The Customer Journey

When you make the shift into CEO or any type of leadership role, it means you have to take on more of a strategic process and more of a strategic approach.

Don’t Be a Moron: Mark Cuban Reveals the Biggest Mistake New Entrepreneurs Make

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the United States. Dallas Mavericks owner and mogul Mark Cuban says this is because most entrepreneurs focus on the wrong thing—raising money.

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Your brand is more than just your company or product name. It’s one of the…

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Microsoft is reportedly taking on Amazon, as the company ventures into retail territory. The company…