Qualcomm Snapdragon
Qualcomm Chips Central to Wave of 5G Home Internet Devices

While Apple may be looking to end their dependence on Qualcomm, the future is looking…

OpenLibra Cryptocurrency Announced: Like Libra But Without Facebook

In the wake of reports that Facebook’s Libra currency is losing backers, Mashable is reporting…

Apple Watch
Blue Shield of California to Integrate Apple Watches in Doctor Visits

According to a report by Health Data Management, Blue Shield of California (BSC) is planning…

Libra Cryptocurrency
Facebook Libra Backers Back Out

A week ago we covered a Wall Street Journal article highlighting potential trouble for Facebook’s…

iPhone 11 Pro
Apple to Use Its Own 5G Modems in 2022

According to Fast Company, Apple may have its own 5G modems ready for production as…

We Plan to Have 30 5G Cities By Year-End, Says Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg
We Plan to Have 30 5G Cities By Year-End, Says Verizon CEO

We have a plan to have 30 5G cities by year-end, says Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg. We are at 13 right now so we’re adding every week. We added New York last week. We have also updated 13 NFL stadiums with 5G and the NBA season hasn’t even started. We believe that our 5G for the consumer is just crushing it.

Cyberattacks Hit 66% of Small and Medium Businesses Last Year

Health IT Security is reporting on two separate security reports, one from Kaspersky and the…

Twitter Icons
Twitter Accidentally Used Phone Numbers and Email Addresses For Advertising

Twitter is the latest company to admit to a privacy faux pas. In a statement…

Cell Tower
Fears Over 5G Radiation Prompt Nationwide Backlash in Switzerland

Despite being one of the first countries to roll out 5G, AFP is reporting that…

Arm Holdings
Arm Holdings Opens Its CPU Cores to Allow Custom Instructions

Forbes is reporting that Arm Holdings has taken a major step toward helping its processors…