Tech And The Economic Recovery

Without this technology our economy would already be destroyed, and it’s precisely this type of technology that is going to lead the way to the economic recovery.

Slack vs Teams
Slack Files Complaint Against Microsoft With EU

Slack has filed a complaint against Microsoft with the EU, claiming the company is engaging in anti-competitive practices with Teams.

Apple Park
EU Court Upholds Apple’s Irish Tax Deal

Apple scored a big win in European courts, with the General Court of the European Union ruling Apple’s tax deal with Ireland was legal.

Elected Officials Are Not Worried About The Little People, Says Landry’s CEO Tilman Fertitta
Elected Officials Are Not Worried About The Little People, Says Landry’s CEO

Billionaire restaurant entrepreneur and Landry’s CEO Tilman Fertitta has had it with governors and mayors and their inconsistent “yo-yo” shutdown orders on his restaurants and the economy.

VaynerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk
Ecommerce Exploded When Everybody Got Their Stimulus Checks

Ecommerce exploded when everybody got their stimulus checks, says marketing superstar Gary Vaynerchuk. It reminded me how much of a materialistic capitalistic country we are.

If People Can Ride the Subway We Can Open Factories, Says Jason Calacanis

“If people can ride the subway and if people can go to Trader Joe’s and pack into all these different places we can start to open factories,” says legendary tech entrepreneur Jason Calacanis during an interview on CNBC today.

Jennifer Morgan
SAP Co-CEO Jennifer Morgan Leaving Company

SAP Co-CEO Jennifer Morgan is departing the company, leaving Christian Klein as sole CEO.

Mark Cuban Says Some Banks 'Actively' Avoiding Small Business Loans
Mark Cuban: Some Banks Actively Not Taking PPP Loan Applications

There are some banks who are actively trying not to take applications and to minimize the number of loans they make through the program says investor Mark Cuban. This is despite the fact that it pays a five percent commission for the loans made on the small businesses.

This Crisis Is Going To Change Retail, Says Caruso CEO
This Crisis Is Going To Change Retail, Says Caruso CEO

Many of them have to evolve and many of them have to change because the consumer is going to change. This crisis, I believe, is going to change consumer culture, their expectations, and what they want from retailers in a really significant way.

Grubhub Rolls Out $30 Million Stimulus To Restaurants

%%excerpt%% A $250 payment per restaurant (from Grubhub) doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s going to be a huge difference, says Grubhub CEO Matt Maloney. We’re looking at it as a stimulus almost because the way we’re rolling it out is a consumer gets $10 if they spend $30.