Burn Victim Slurpees: Unusaul Incident Occurs At Grants Pass 7-Eleven

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The 7-Eleven in Grants Pass, Oregon, was having a quiet afternoon when a tattooed man ran into the store and doused himself with Slurpee.

Charlie Bentley, one of the store's employees, said that he was with his co-worker when the man entered the store. Bentley said that the man was being chased by another man. Afterwards, a third man entered the store.

According to reports, the man who doused himself with Slurpee was suffering from hot oil burns. After entering the store, he removed his shirt, and soaked it with Hawaiian Punch Slurpee. He then used the shirt to rub the burnt areas of his body.

After the incident, paramedics, firefighters, and the police arrived at the scene. The injured man talked to the authorities before leaving the scene in an ambulance. He was transported to the Providence Medford Medical Center to be treated for minor burns.

Bentley said that he didn’t know the man was injured until he talked to the officers on the curbside.

Officers said that the incident had already been reported at 4:40 in the afternoon at J and Ninth Streets. However, after a few minutes, the officers learned that the incident had moved a few streets away to the 7-Eleven convenience store, where a man was seen chasing another man with a baseball bat.

Based on their investigations, the disturbance started at the J and Ninth Streets, and a fight between two neighbors resulted in one being burned with hot oil. One chased after the other and they ended up in 7-Eleven.

No one has been arrested, but the police are still investigating the incident.

Bentley, who has been an employee at 7-Eleven for a decade, said that it was one of the most unusual things that he has ever experienced while working at the store.

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