Burger King Rolls Out The Hands Free Whopper


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So yeah, this actually exists. At least according the Burger King-branded website, HandsFreeWhopper.com. So what would you do if you could eat a Whopper while your hands were free to pursue other activities? It should be noted that while the outcry of "Burger King is making it easier for us to be fat and lazy" is out there, the fast food giant actually is debuting this little promotion in Puerto Rico, which helps explain the Hispanic look and feel of the promotional video. While BK's Twitter makes no mention of this hands free apparatus, if this story pops--which is almost certain, especially when you consider how good Burger King has been in regards to making Internet news--you can bet they won't be silent about it for much longer.

According to reports, the campaign was created with the help of ad agency, DLC/Ogilvy & Mather, which makes one wonder whether this is just a promotional stunt or an item Burger King actually plans on releasing to consumers. The fact that a video of the 3D printing process of the hands free device being created lends credence to the idea it will actually be available:

So, is this another sign of the human race's impending doom, via fast food and obesity, or is this just Burger King looking for a new way to remain relevant in this trend-following world?