Burger King Delivery Expands to Chicago, L.A., and San Francisco

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Gone are the days where food delivery consisted only of pizza or Chinese food. Restaurants over the past decade have begun offering a wide selection of cuisines that can be delivered right to customers' doors.

Now, even fast food restaurants, which have relied on drive-thru service for decades, are getting in on the delivery act. Burger King today announced that it is expanding its delivery service, racing ever closer to the day that "did somebody order a Whopper?" will become a porn cliche.

Burger King will now deliver in Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The fast food restaurant already delivers in New York, Miami, Houston, and Washington D.C.

"'BK Delivers' is already performing well in New York, Miami, Houston and greater Washington, D.C.," said Alex Macedo , president of the North America division at Burger King Worldwide. "As its popularity has grown, we have seen an increasing demand for the program in other markets. Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago have some of our most loyal guests and the Burger King brand is excited to offer them the opportunity to enjoy the food they love, delivered to them in the comfort of their home, dorm, or office."

Burger fans in those cities can order Burger King delivery by phone or through the BK Delivers website. Those who aren't in the current delivery cities can request that delivery come to their zip code on the same website.

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