Burger King Bacon Sundae: Twitter Reacts

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Burger King's bacon sundae doesn't sound like something that is fit for human consumption. Although I'm a huge fan of bacon on just about anything, the idea of combining it with my dessert isn't immediately appealing, though, apparently, there's a market for such a dish. Burger King is set to unleash its latest menu item on Thursday, which should sit nicely next to the health-conscious fruit smoothies and salads it debuted earlier this year.

The bacon sundae is a 500-calorie monstrosity consisting of vanilla soft serve topped with fudge, caramel, bacon crumbles, and a whole piece of bacon for good measure. Once consumed, your body will be the proud recipient of 8 grams of fat and 61 grams of sugar. If you're on the cusp of becoming a diabetic, I'm sure this baby will gleefully kick you across the proverbial line and directly into the abyss. I'm sure you'll be smiling all the way down.

This deranged concoction isn't the only new item available on Burger King's summer menu. In addition to the bacon sundae, adventurous fast food fanatics can indulge in a Memphis pulled-pork BBQ sandwich, Carolina BBQ Whopper or chicken sandwich, Texas BBQ Whopper or chicken sandwich, sweet potato fries, and, last but certainly not least, frozen lemonade. At some point during the next few months, I may indulge in a little calorie bombing of my own. Of course, I may ultimately regret the decision moments after the last bite has been consumed, but I'm sure the experience will be heavenly until that point.

What do Twitter users think about Burger King's bacon sundae? You can find a sampling of their thoughts and opinions below. Who knows? Maybe the dessert is the greatest gift the company has ever bestowed upon the populous. Perhaps I'm missing out on something truly remarkable. I suppose I'll just have to deal with the loss as I'm pounding a BBQ sandwich into my gaping maw.

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