"Bucket List" Teen Dies Of Cancer

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A U.K. teenager who gained worldwide attention after blogging about her battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and her desire to complete a "bucket list" has died. She was just 17.

Alice Pyne earned a British Empire medal after setting up a charity for young people with cancer; the foundation gives them the opportunity to take their families on much-needed vacations. One of the items on her bucket list was a wish to get people signed up to be bone marrow donors, and she accomplished that goal with more than 40,000 people contributing. She and her younger sister, Milly, worked hard to do what they could for others suffering from the disease, and those who met her were instantly and forever touched by her kindness.

Despite all the wonderful things she managed to do for her own peace of mind during her illness, she narrowed down one as her favorite.

"I'm excited about the things I am going to be doing, but the biggest thing has to be all the people who are joining bone marrow donation schemes because of me," she said.

Alice's blog has received almost 5 million visitors and caught the attention of stars like Katy Perry, who tweeted about the brave girl and her wish for bone marrow donors. Her last blog post was on New Year's Day, when she expressed disbelief at being able to wish her followers a happy new year. She passed away in the company of family on Saturday.

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