Bruce Willis Makes A Big Donation In Idaho

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Bruce Willis is proving that being a huge action star doesn't mean you can't do something nice once in a while; the "Looper" star has donated an entire ski resort to a non-profit organization in Idaho, much to their delight.

Willis has owned Soldier Mountain ski resort, located between Sun Valley and Boise, for years and began planning back in April to donate the entire area to a group of five individuals, who will be announced this evening at a town hall meeting. The property includes two chair lifts and a new lodge. Justin Nyquist, a spokesman for the nonprofit group, says that the new owners all have strong ties to Fairfield, which is only 11 miles away from the resort.

“Soldier Mountain is the pride of Fairfield,” Nyquist said. “The new owners want to keep it that way. This community meeting is a chance to lay out the ownership change to the town and offer residents an opportunity to ask questions.”

As for Willis, he says he's happy with the decision and knows the resort will be in good hands.

"I couldn't be more pleased with the organization that will be responsible for the management of the Soldier Mountain Ski Area," he said. "The community came together, established the SMSA organization, and now assures its continued success. It was exciting to see that the very people who ski at Soldier care so much about its future. I wish them the very best."

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