Bruce Willis “Dances Hard” on SNL

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When most people think of veteran actor Bruce Willis, they envision a serious, rough and rugged man of action, thanks to blockbuster films like “Armageddon,” “The Jackal,” and of course, all 16 installments of the “Die Hard” movie series.

Even films like “The Sixth Sense” automatically bring Willis to mind. But, his famous persona took a whole '360' when it came to Saturday Night Live's 39th season premiere. It was definitely Bruce Willis like you've never seen him before.

Everyone already knew Willis' night on SNL would be one to remember. He and multi platinum-selling singer Katy Perry made that quite clear in the SNL promo video that was posted on YouTube.

The promo video was definitely a great teaser, but nothing compared to the real thing. Willis took things to a heightened level, showing his comedic side you rarely see.

While Katy Perry may have been the main musical guest with her hit records, “Roar,” and “Walking on Air,” SNL's season premiere proved that Perry wasn't the only one that came to dance. Everyone knows Willis is also a talented musician, but he also showed the world that he doesn't just 'die hard with a vengeance' on camera. He dances just as hard! The “Unbreakable” actor hit the dance-floor for the "Boy Dance Party" in a hilarious skit.

In addition to the “Boy Dance Party” skit, Willis also left the world in hysterics with several other skits and parodies such as the “Black Ops” sketch,  the “Lady Gaga Talk Show,” and the “NASA Gravity: Government Shutdown” sketch.


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