Bruce Jenner's "In Touch" Cover Just Plain Mean?

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Bruce Jenner has been raising eyebrows for a while now as his looks and clothes become more and more feminine.

However, the latest cover of In Touch magazine may have gone too far with its assumptions.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star looked sad on Wednesday after the magazine was printed.

Well, of course Bruce Jenner looked sad. The In Touch cover photoshopped him with slightly more lady-like hair than usual and full make up.

He's not the only one that is sad about it.

Bruce Jenner's ex-wife and Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner, was rumored to be upset about the whole thing, as well. According to TMZ, Kris said what the magazine did to Bruce was just plain mean, whether or not it was based on any sort of truth.

So, just what is going on with Bruce Jenner?

After Wednesday's issue came out, Bruce was spotted out and about sporting a longer-than-ever ponytail.

Rumor has it that Bruce Jenner is planning on coming out as a woman sometime in 2015, but nothing has been substantiated by Bruce or his family.

There have been rumors of a sex change, Adam's apple surgery, and hormone therapy, as well as a seemingly larger bosom and long trips to the nail salon.

What is true and what isn't? I guess we will just have to wait and see if Bruce Jenner actually does make a big announcement this year. Otherwise, we will just have to keep speculating as the ponytail gets longer and longer.

What do you think of the In Touch cover? Do you think Bruce Jenner is ready to come out as a female or do you think it's all just meanness and he should be left alone?

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