Bruce Jenner Won't Be Getting Adam's Apple Surgery

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Bruce Jenner canceled surgery that would have reduced the size of his Adam's apple and said that he believes someone in the surgeon's office leaked the information about his surgery to the media. He went on to say that he plans to hire a different surgeon to do the procedure.

When news of Bruce's plans to have his Adam's apple shaved was made public, rumors that the former Olympic star was planning a sex change began to spread. Laryngeal shaves are common among men who are preparing for a sex change, but Bruce says that he wants the surgery simply because he is not happy with the appearance of his neck.

Bruce has had plastic surgery in the past and had planned to have a nose job done by the same surgeon. Bruce has canceled that procedure as well but says it is needed to remove scar tissue that resulted from his recent cancer surgery.

Bruce has admitted to having other plastic surgery procedures done as well, including a nose job and facelift. He has gone through a few physical changes over the last few months, even growing his hair long. He and Kris Jenner are in the middle of a divorce, so Bruce may just be changing his appearance as a reaction to the couple's separation.

Bruce has not said how soon he plans to reschedule his procedure or how his family feels about his love of plastic surgery. Do you think Bruce's recent surgeries are really medically necessary or does he, like many celebrities, simply have a plastic surgery addiction?

Image from Wikimedia Commons.

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